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We feature THE MOST FREEWEIGHTS IN THE AREA with over 4000 lbs. of weights. Our freeweight area includes 4 bench press stations, inclines, declines, smith machines, pec decs, pulldown stations, squat racks,  2 full sets of dumbbells (up to 150 lbs) and leg presses. We also have hacks from CYBEX, a deadlift platform Super squat machine, standing bench press machine, and much more...


for anyone who wants advanced toning, sculpting or shaping. You can get involved in our competitive power lifting and bodybuilding teams if you wish. The Enterprise has an over 31 year tradition of local, state, national, and international individual bodybuilding champions as well as a power lifting team with multiple state championships. Our club also hosts powerlifting meets

              GROUP FITNESS


We offer the very best in instructor directed classes. We offer a variety of classes from step two yoga to Zumba to just fun exercise classes. Our instructors are experienced at handling beginners all the way through experienced members in the same class


                         Come and express a FREE CLASS and feel the group camaraderie, fun,                                         music and positive experience


We have the best, most caring and committed kidscare workers.  They are committed to providing a safe  and fun atmosphere for your children. The Kidscare features convenient morning and evening hours. Our childcare is best suited for age’s 6wks through 9 years. Children 10 and over can join and use the fitness  area with their parents.

EVENINGS-Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm


Tanning memberships are available with memberships Think of the convenience of being able to get two things done in one location, tan and exercise.


We have Silversneaker classes to help improve balance and range of motion. Helps provide accountability and keep seniors engaged in exercise.

              CROSS TRAINING

This is very similar to the cross training classes that are so popular across the country featuring RESISTANCE BASED

real-life movements and motions 

Click here for a video demo


Get ready to burn fat and build strength applicable to your 

daily life while getting in the best shape of your life. Our Fit Fast program is designed to be totally scalable making it 

effective for any committed individual regardless of level of fitness.

We can and will adapt it to be effective for anyone including the totally de-conditioned, senior individuals with heart and related diseases as well as the hard core athlete

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