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"It's the personalities of the staff. They're always friendly and they really make me feel welcome. They give me the incentive to keep going. They always encourage me. I love the atmosphere here. I have already lost 40 pounds and my self image is much better. Everybody's noticing how much weight I've lost, which gives me the incentive to lose more. Whoops, I have to go, John says I have to do 30 min. of cardio. Now because I did not lose ENOUGH last week!"

                                                                             Deb Kerley

"The Enterprise has the most friendly, professional, and experienced staff in town. John Howie and his team are leaps and bounds          above the competition"

                                                                            David Degrace


I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the Enterprise

-- Dot Trexler


It's a nice place for an old man to come

-- Andy Talmadge


I had a heart transplant in December of 2011 and joined the Enterprise earlier this year. Working out at the Enterprise has made me feel that I am in my 30s again. I love the people here!

--Charles Simpson


I think the Enterprise is the best gym I've ever been a member of. I've been a member for over twenty years and wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff is great. They know me by name and I can tell they care

-- Joe Turnage


I have been coming to the Enterprise for two years. I drive 15 miles to get here and past three fitness centers on the way. I come here because I like the people here. It's like home

-- Travis Moore


I love coming, I have so much fun. I love meeting people. Everybody here is so friendly. I especially like Eddy my trainer. I mess with him all the time

-- Mary Allen


Thanks to the friendly and professional staff at Enterprise I have lost over 55 pounds and have worked out every day for over 100 straight days. John Howie and his team make the "Science of Fitness" easy to understand. If you are personally committed and follow their advice, you to can join the thousands of Enterprise Fitness members who have changed their lives

-- Rick Cobb


I have tried many fitness centers, but none of them compare to the Enterprise. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and concerned with giving the best possible experience. The workouts are designed to meet the needs of the individual and to ensure a successful outcome,

A++ rating

-- Joe Jackson


I train with Linda on a regular basis and she is perfect for me. She pushes me out of my comfort zone to the level I could not do on my own. Thanks to her I have finally been able to gain some weight. She is great

-- Paul Hoge


The staff here is really friendly and even the members are willing to help me out anytime I need it

-- Kenny Parrish


People are so friendly I just like coming here. I get weighed every week to keep me on track so far I have lost 81 lbs

-- Roy Robinson


Several months ago I decided to get a trainer and get on a path to better health. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me the grace to continue and maintain. I am so blessed to have Linda as my trainer and I think I can also call her my friend who looks after my training needs and lends a compassionate heart and ear

-- Sandi Fisher


I was a member at Enterprise for several years. I decided to join Planet Fitness, just to see what it was like. After a couple of months, I decided to come back to the Enterprise. I ended up just not going over there. I think I missed the people at Enterprise. The atmosphere here is just more conducive to knowing everbody. Over there I saw different people every day plus it was way too crowded. -

- Randy Price


I have never liked exercising. I told them that when I joined the Enterprise. Now one month later, I love it. I went to my doctor today and my A1C has dropped 1.2 points, my cholesterol has dropped 16 points and I have lost 14 lbs. All in just 30 days. I love the staff here. They are so friendly and helpful.

-- Monica Garces


I have lost 50 pounds, Eric has lost 23 and Stacey 14. Our whole family is into this and so much, even our dogs have lost weight.

-- Rena Stacey and Eric Wallce


My cholesterol is down 35 points, I lost 6 inches off my waist and I recently ran a 5K race that I never thought I could do. I love it here at the Enterprise and wouldn't go anywhere else.

-- Art Woodward


The only way I would be more comfortable is on my couch in my living room

-- Tabitha Moose


I come early in the mornings I feel protected, safe, and it really feels like family here

-- Robert Munoz


The staff is friendly, the bathrooms and equipment are really clean, if I ever need anything there is always someone there to answer my questions, and even the other members are helpful if I need something. It's nice to go somewhere where there's no drama because everyone here gets along great

-- Gaston Graillett


This is like my second home

-- David Hart

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