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Bodybuilding Powerlifting


AAU Mr. North Carolina


AAU Mr. All South


5th place Tall class AAU Mr. America


6th place Tall class AAU Mr. Universe


Mr. Appalachia


President Cup champion


Carolina Class champion

NC State powerlifting champion 242 lb class


NC State powerlifting champ 275 lb class

First of all, I don't want to intimidate or scare anyone with my past pictures. Yes, we were once a musclehead gym back in the 80's and 90's but things have really changed since then. 

Through 2 relocations and 4 renovations/addtions, we've attracted a new clientele member base.  The vast majority of our members now are here to lose weight get conditioned and just to imporove their quality of life and I think that's great.  Don't get me wrong however, we still apply a philosohy of hard work=great results.  Whether you're 10 years old and want to become a better athelete, 13 and overweight, an adult that wants to make a physical change or a senior that wants to live longer and healthier. We here at the Enterprise truly believe that you must challenge yourself to cause a positive physical change. Ask anyone who is a member and they'll tell you, the staff here is friendly, caring and sensitive to our members needs.

Well, onward to the bio.  I started training with weights when I was 15 years old in my garage behind my house in October of 1968.  I bought a 400 lb. weight set from York Barbell Co. The rest of the equipment I just got from people around the neighborhood. Everything was homemade; chinning bar, squat rack, leg extention machine, dumbell rack, bench etc.. In 1970 I went to Wingate College and started working out there.  About the same time I joined the rock band ''Sugarcreek''.  For the next 10 years I mixed effort and time between playing music on the road doing some acting and acquiring my A.A. and B.S. degrees from Wingate and Western Carolina University respectively. I entered my 1st physique contest while student at Western in September of 1974.  It was the Mr N.C. contest.  I placed 5th.  Fast forward to 1980.  I went to workout at the Monroe Athletic Club one day and the owner said that he was trying to sell the club.  I thought, why not so I bought it for 10,000.00, 1000 down and he financed the rest. 

Personal awards and accomplishments along the way:

Parkwood high school-graduated 1970
A.A. degree from Wingate College 1972
B.S. Degree Physical Education from Western Carolina University 1977
M.S. Nutrition/Dietetics Degree East Carolina University-2010


Letters in high school in football and track

Conference and County record in the shot put

All county honors in football senior year



Four N.C. State deadlift records (best 770lbs.)

1983 deadlift of 770lbs ranked in the top ten deadlifts in the world


Other accomplishments

Inducted into the North Carolina weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2000

 Promoter-promoted powerlifting competitions from 1981-87, then again the AAU State Championships from 1999-2003

PACE certifuied instructor



“Black Sunday” 1979 (extra)

  “Hit the Road Runnin’” 1983 (Street punk) 

 “Lady Gray” 1982 (Musician)

“Skip Tracer”  1985 (lover)

“Critical Condition” 1986 (Richard Pryor cell mate)

“Chain Gang” 1985 (heavy)

plus commercial acting for Lowes, BoJangles, Chevrolet, Fieldcrest Cannon and   

various others industrial films and print ads.



Financed and produced a music video in 2009 for my wonderfully talented  son and  lead singer of the band Sugarglyder


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